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Up In Smoke!

“A healthy smile is a smoke free smile”
The health risks of smoking are well documented, from heart disease to lung cancer; it’s a habit that you definitely need to break. The effects of smoking on your oral health are just as devastating and go way beyond the obvious signs such as bad breath and stained [...]

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New Year….new you?

Losing a few pounds tops the New Year resolutions list for a lot people every year and experts agree the best way to change your figure is through sensible eating and an appropriate exercise programme.  Yo yo dieting, extreme eating plans and over exercising is just as bad for your health as being overweight and [...]

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It’s Red…but not as we know it…

In might be the end of August for most of us, but for any trend hound fashionista it’s officially autumn. Today we’re obsessing over the trend for red lipsticks. Seems like only yesterday that red lips were last ‘on trend’, in fact it was autumn/winter 08, but in fashion what goes around comes around!
Red lipstick [...]

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Smile…it’s free therapy…

The positive effects of smiling may not be life changing but they certainly can be mood changing and in these recession obsessed times anything that lifts our spirits (and for free!) must be a good thing.
The physical act of grinning releases serotonin , the ‘happy hormone’ which enhances and improves our mood. Apparently, the brain [...]

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