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Up In Smoke!

“A healthy smile is a smoke free smile”
The health risks of smoking are well documented, from heart disease to lung cancer; it’s a habit that you definitely need to break. The effects of smoking on your oral health are just as devastating and go way beyond the obvious signs such as bad breath and stained [...]

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Experts recommend fish oils for healthy gums

New research released in the prestigious Journal of The American Dietetic Association presents a possible new approach to treating gum disease. With 79% of adults over the age of 35 suffering some form of gum disease experts will welcome new ways to help beat this common problem. A study of over 9, 000 adults participating [...]

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Healthy smile, happy heart!

There has long been a recognised link between gum disease and heart disease and this week saw scientists get closer to indentifying the root of the problem. Up until now, experts have been unclear if the connection is simply that poor oral health is a marker for a general lack of well being and health [...]

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