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Sir Alex Ferguson compares World Cup to the Dentist….and not in a good way….

Football fans might still be reeling from the disappointment of missing out on hosting the World Cup but for some the whole tournament is a letdown. Football legend Sir Alex Ferguson recently commented: “Have you seen the last six World Cups? It’s like going to the dentist.”
Presumably, Sir Alex isn’t a fan of check-ups, and [...]

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Action adventure for Brad and Angelina in Budapest

Angelina Jolie took time out from directing her debut film in Budapest to enjoy some time with Brad and the kids at a local park last week. Pax, Shiloh and Zahara had fun zip-lining in the park while their parents watched on with obvious pride. There are several beautiful parks in Budapest including the largest, [...]

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Travel friendly toothcare

It’s the height of the holiday season with many of us jetting off to desinations where the sunshine is more reliable. As your attention is turned to last minute holiday shopping and packing, we thought we’d round up the best of the travel friendly dental care products around.
There’s no need to comprimise your oral care [...]

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10 Reasons to smile on a Monday…

1. A smile takes years off

Forget Botox and fancy creams; a big grin lifts the muscles in your face and makes you appear instantly younger. We subconsciously associate happiness with youth so a genuine smile can do more than a cosmetic surgeon, and for a lot less money.
2. Smiling changes our mood
You can trick yourself [...]

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Smiling in the face of fear

No one loves going to the dentist. A check up appointment is never met with joyous enthusiasm but while most of us don’t rush there with a happy heart we know it has to be. For some people though, a visit to the dentist is something to truly dread, and this strong, irrational fear can [...]

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Love is….a tooth brush…

I’ve tried a number of electric tooth brushes and some of the new battery operated disposable toothbrushes that look the same as a traditional one but buzz away and claim to have superior cleaning power. Well now I realise they are mere cheap pretenders compared to the original Sonicare.

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