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Truth Behind My Smile

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Dentures were not an option for Janet.

After years of unhappiness and six months of careful research Janet found her smile again in Budapest.
Janet’s visit to the Smile Savers Clinic in London was the culmination of six months of careful research, but within minutes she knew she had found the right dentist to fix her smile. Her story began in [...]

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Disillusioned with the NHS but David found the answer in Hungary

David Naughton from London confesses that he grew up hating his teeth, they were gappy and crooked and as he got older he felt so down about their appearance that he failed to look after them properly. As problems with his teeth worsened, David felt let down by his NHS dentist, who he believes [...]

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Emma saved £16, 000 by flying to Budapest!

Emma’s problems started as a child when many of her adult teeth failed to grow. She was left with little baby teeth that were out of proportion with her adult face and were also crooked. As she grew up, Emma perfected her closed mouth, ‘Victoria Beckham’ style smile. Whilst she knew it made her look [...]

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Dentists warn of the dangers of DIY Tooth Whitening

As the popularity of teeth whitening continues to grow, dentists are concerned about the dangers of DIY whitening kits available for sale on the internet. Whiter, brighter teeth have an instant anti-ageing effect and give a ‘smile confidence’ that everyone loves. But in the pursuit of a Hollywood smile, consumers are risking the health of [...]

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Celebrity baby news turns the spotlight on gum health

It seems that in celeb-land, the accessory of the moment isn’t a Hermes Birkin, but rather a baby bump, as more famous faces announce their pregnancies. The latest to join the pregnant pack is Mel B, like her fellow Spice Girls Victoria Beckham and Emma Bunton, she’ll be giving birth later this year. Kelly Brook, [...]

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All Smiles At the BAFTAs

It may have been a wet and windy night but that did nothing to diminish the glamour of this year’s BAFTA Awards. And although some of Hollywood’s most glamorous stars were out in force it was a night for the Brits to shine.
It was smiles all round from man of the moment Colin Firth along [...]

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