Smile – sunshine is good for your teeth.

Truth Behind My Smile

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Smile in the face of ageing.

Forget Botox, the secret to looking younger is in your smile.

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Dental tourism – To go or not to go…

Brief Introduction: Due to an ill fitting crown I have developed another infection that could lead to another root canal and another crown. Feeling thoroughly disheartened with the treatment I have received thus far, I’ve decided to explore the option of dentistry abroad…
Brief History: Over the last two years I have had the most gruelling [...]

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Sweet Breath – Part III

For my final furlong of the Fresh Breath Triathlon I decided to take the science and technology approach looking at gadgets and treatments. Science has never been my strong point so bear with me on the technical side of things!
The Oolitt Elite Tongue Scraper. Very sexy. Research shows cleansing your tongue on a [...]

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Sweet Breath – Part II

Following last week’s herbal experimentation into natural fresh breath solutions we wanted to test some of the products that work from the inside. Before I could start part II of the Fresh Breath Triathlon I needed to find a new ‘breath-tester’ as my partner has suddenly gone off on safari. Luckily my very good friend [...]

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Sweet Breath…part 1

Everyone but everyone suffers from bad breath at some time, often the answer most likely lies with the garlic bread from last night’s Italian, but for anyone who’s worried about ongoing bad breath problems it is essential to get it checked out. Persistent bad breath can be caused by a host of deeper health issues, [...]

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It’s Red…but not as we know it…

In might be the end of August for most of us, but for any trend hound fashionista it’s officially autumn. Today we’re obsessing over the trend for red lipsticks. Seems like only yesterday that red lips were last ‘on trend’, in fact it was autumn/winter 08, but in fashion what goes around comes around!
Red lipstick [...]

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