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Metrosexual madness!

It’s official, the age of male vanity is upon us! A new study has found that men aged 18 to 35 spend on average £11.72 a week on skin and hair care products – a pound more than women. And its not just moisturiser, men are having Botox™, teeth whitening treatments and even using hair [...]

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Healthy smile, happy heart!

There has long been a recognised link between gum disease and heart disease and this week saw scientists get closer to indentifying the root of the problem. Up until now, experts have been unclear if the connection is simply that poor oral health is a marker for a general lack of well being and health [...]

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Who knew teeth could be so rock n roll!

Rock legend Ozzy Osbourne has confessed to having a mouth full of impants, or as he puts it: “My choppers ain’t real. All my teeth are screwed in.”  He blames his drug addictions for losing his teeth as vital nutrients such as calcium are depleted, but the most common reason is gum disease. Ozzy goes [...]

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The recession bites back with teeth grinding on the rise.

Dentists claim they are seeing an increase of between 10 and 20 per cent of patients with symptom that range from ear ache to tooth loss and chronic headaches. The blame has been firmly laid at the door of financial doom, with increased stress and anxiety levels over job threats, interest rate increases and free falling house prices.

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Smile….it’s May….

May 17th sees the start of another National Smile Month where we the nation are encouraged to look after our teeth under the slogan of Teeth 4 Life. Great, a catchy slogan and a month of reading about tooth paste and good brushing habits, just what we need to get the nation’s teeth polished and [...]

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Is chewing gum dumb?

Since its modern invention in the 1860’s chewing gum has been the subject of debate, myth, anger and a whole lot of street cleaning. From the ridiculous (chewing gum can enhance breast size) to the tragic (a Ukranian chemistry student was killed by exploding chewing gum); it’s clearly a habit loved by millions and hated by many more.

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