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Truth Behind My Smile

Dentures were not an option for Janet.

August 16, 2012

After years of unhappiness and six months of careful research Janet found her smile again in Budapest.

Janet’s visit to the Smile Savers Clinic in London was the culmination of six months of careful research, but within minutes she knew she had found the right dentist to fix her smile. Her story began in her twenties when she felt some of her teeth were loosening. Her dentist wasn’t able to offer much help, telling her that gum disease was the cause and that he thought it might be a hereditary problem.

Janet was told to look after her teeth the best she could and attend annual checkups but over time the condition of her teeth worsened. Like many people, Janet felt ashamed of her teeth and understandably she began to worry more and more. She managed to keep it all a secret by covering her mouth when she smiled and not sharing her concerns with anyone but her husband.

Before long, Janet’s health was affected and by the time she was in her fifties she knew it was decision time. Loose teeth and bone loss meant she would soon lose some teeth and she needed to act. Her dentist had tried antibiotics but, when that and other treatments failed, he advised her of the options. The choice between dentures and permanent replacement such as dental implants was an easy one to make but it was a question of cost.

“Dentures were not a choice I was willing to consider and I knew the treatment I needed was going to be extremely expensive in the UK,” explained Janet. Luckily she recalled seeing a television programme about dental tourism and that sparked an idea which was to eventually lead her to Budapest.

Janet’s primary concern was finding a reputable dentist and as nobody she knew had taken this route it was down to her to sift through the choices she found online. Her short list included companies that had clinics in London so she could have a consultation here first. She also felt it was important to see that the company had good recommendations from newspapers and television. Smile Savers Hungary was her first choice and her instincts about the team paid off. “I was made to feel welcome and all the staff were so friendly with a very professional approach. I felt very comfortable in their capable hands and the dental assistants were very caring and reassuring,” stated Janet.

Understandably Janet found the treatment very gruelling, she had eight root canal treatments, 10 implants and eight crowns over a course of three visits to Budapest. “In many ways it was harder than I anticipated, I had eight root canals in one afternoon which was intense but actually I was glad to have it done in this way. In the UK you’d be in and out of the dentist for short appointments for months and I would have found that very difficult to deal with,” explained Janet.

Dr Georg Gruming and Dr Attila Kaman did all of Janet’s dental treatment but she was impressed by the interest the whole team took in her treatment and in the work of their fellow dentists.

Now that the treatment is finished Janet feels on top of the world. She’s happy to talk about her experiences and is full of smiles after years of worrying about her teeth. “I appreciate the dental work I have had done so much and I know how lucky I am to have discovered Smile Savers. I don’t have to worry about opening my mouth to speak or smile any more. It feels so good to not have to shy away from eye contact and covering my mouth up when talking to people,” says Janet.

Now she will only visit the Smile Savers dentist in Budapest for her checkups, eschewing her old British dentist for Dr Kaman and his team. “At the end of the day…..I am just so grateful to not have dentures!”

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