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Truth Behind My Smile

Disillusioned with the NHS but David found the answer in Hungary

September 7, 2011

David Naughton David Naughton from London confesses that he grew up hating his teeth, they were gappy and crooked and as he got older he felt so down about their appearance that he failed to look after them properly. As problems with his teeth worsened, David felt let down by his NHS dentist, who he believes over looked problems and failed to do the treatment that was really needed.

Decay around the gum line of two front teeth was covered with filler that quickly fell off and soon David needed to have two back teeth removed.  He felt so disillusioned with his dentist that he did not make plans to have them replaced. Things deteriorated and as he grew more anxious about his crooked smile he realised that action was needed. David knew that he would not get the help he needed from his NHS dental practice and was put off private dentists by the price. He also felt that UK standards were just not up to scratch. He started to do more research online and discovered that many Brits felt the same way and that travelling overseas for treatment was a popular choice.

David soon had a quote from one company and was contemplating the best course of action when he read about another dental tourism company called Smile Savers Hungary. Impressed by what he read on their website he made an appointment for a consultation. At last, David had finally found a dentist who was honest with him about his teeth. After the consultation, Smile Savers gave him a smile design and recommended that he needed to address both the problems with decay as well as consider the overall appearance of his teeth. “They told me there was little point in spending money on my top teeth without doing work on the bottom.” Explained David. Smile Savers Hungary recommended a comprehensive course of treatment that tackled the dental problems David had along with the cosmetic issues. Because the quote was so reasonable he could afford to have it all done properly.

David had seven root canals, three composite fillings and six teeth were built up before 22 crowns were fitted. It was revealed that previous dental work had simply patched up problems, not solved them. The Smile Savers team explained to David that one of the most important elements of the treatment was to fit implants to replace the teeth he’d had removed several years ago. Without implants the jaw bone was starting to deteriorate which would have led to significant problems in years to come.

David chose to have all the treatment done over a ten day period, seeing his trip as a chance to explore a new city. He loved Budapest and found plenty to enjoy during the days off from the clinic and whilst the treatment has tough be felt well cared for. “Of course it was quite painful but the team were all excellent, you sense that everyone wants to work there, it’s quite different from my experiences in the UK. I really felt that I was in good hands.” Explained David.

David is now waiting to have the implants fitted and is looking forward to going back to Budapest. But he’s already enjoying his new smile. He explains: “It’s like a big weight off my shoulders and I feel like I am no longer being judged for having bad teeth. My confidence has soared!” David saved over £13,000 by going to Budapest but more importantly he saved his smile.

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