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Truth Behind My Smile

Emma saved £16, 000 by flying to Budapest!

July 21, 2011

Emma’s problems started as a child when many of her adult teeth failed to grow. She was left with little baby teeth that were out of proportion with her adult face and were also crooked. As she grew up, Emma perfected her closed mouth, ‘Victoria Beckham’ style smile. Whilst she knew it made her look tense and unhappy, at least she wasn’t showing her crooked, baby teeth.

Whilst unusual, some people never grow adult teeth, this condition can cause a lot of distress. Emma’s confidence was seriously affected as she felt very conscious about her smile. She had always looked after her teeth and gone for regular check-ups, so it felt very unfair to have to hide her smile. By the time she hit her late 20’s she was determined to do something about it and spoke to her dentist about braces. “I was told they couldn’t straighten my teeth because they could not put braces onto my peg sized baby teeth.” Explained Emma.

Her next step was to talk to a private dentist about cosmetic treatment and she quickly arranged a consultation. Unfortunately it didn’t go as Emma had hoped: “I was shocked by the price, they quoted me £20,000.00 for the work that I needed. Even if I had that kind of money I’d never be happy spending that much on my appearance. It’s the sort of money you spend on the deposit for a house or even an expensive car!”

Luckily, as Emma was about to resign herself to a lifestyle of worrying about her teeth, she discovered that many Britons go overseas for affordable dental treatment. Her internet research led her to find Smile Savers Hungary and she quickly felt confident that their dentists could help her. A consultation followed and a full treatment plan revealed that she could afford a 10 unit bridge and six crowns that were needed to get her smiling again. This time, Emma was quoted
£4, 000.00: “It was still a lot of money to me, but it was an amount I could save up for and I started to get excited.”

Last July, Emma flew to Budapest where the Smile Savers Hungary clinic is located. She was collected from the airport and taken to the four star accommodation which the service had helped to organise. A driver took her to the clinic where she found the staff and dentists spoke excellent English. She had a 10 unit dental bridge fitted; these are false teeth which are permanently fixed to neighbouring teeth by fusing them with a crown. A crown is a porcelain cap that fits over an existing tooth to improve its appearance or protect it. For Emma this was the best combination of prosthetics and was possible because she had healthy teeth and gums. The treatment was successful and Emma’s smile showed rows of straight, white, adult sized teeth. For the first time since her childhood Emma’s confidence soared and she’s been smiling ever since!

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