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Guard against sporting injuries

April 28, 2011

There’s no question about it sport and exercise are an essential part of a healthy lifestyle.  But those who like contact sports or something that gets the adrenalin pumping more than a brisk walk need to consider their teeth just as much as their joints and muscles.

Sports like hockey, rugby and boxing often involve violent contact with the opposition, making teeth vulnerable and without the right protection losing a tooth is a very common injury. Karate, Judo, horse riding, football and kickboxing are all danger sports for teeth and it pays to invest in a mouth guard. Guards can help prevent tooth loss and will also help to protect your jaw. There are three types of mouth guard available – standard guards, mouth moulded guards and custom fit guards. The standard guards are available in most sport shops and come in various sizes but they might not fit perfectly which means they can slip out or rub the gums. Mouth moulded guards are also called ‘boil and bite’ guards as you warm them before placing in the mouth and they mould to your teeth. This choice is a step up from the standard guard but isn’t a perfect solution. The best protection you can give your teeth is a custom fit guard which will be fitted by a dentist, this will ensure it’s both comfortable and secure in your mouth.

If you’re not sure about investing in a mouth guard, remember that 80% of tooth injuries sustained during sport affect the front teeth. If you lose a front tooth it will need to be replaced as soon as possible. If the worst happens, a lost tooth can be replaced with a dental implant. Dental implants are a high tech solution and one that will look and feel just like your own teeth. The only drawback is cost. In the UK a single dental implant will cost around £2, 000.00 but you can reduce this cost by travelling overseas for treatment. Reduced costs and the best equipment make the journey worthwhile. You’re likely to save between 30-40% even including flights and hotel costs. Smile Savers Hungary takes patients to Budapest where their clinic is a leader in implant surgery. The best dental implants are considered to be Branemark but you can talk to the team about lower cost options. Remember, a good dental implant should last a lifetime if you look after it properly so it’s a worthwhile investment.

Apart from losing a tooth, exercise fans should also think carefully about energy drinks which are high in sugar and are just as bad for teeth as fizzy drinks like lemonade or cola. Anyone who trains hard and uses sports drinks to rehydrate after exercise might not realise they are neglecting their teeth as sports drinks are perceived to be healthy. But dentists warn that sipping these kinds of drinks over a long period of time should be avoided. Don’t get caught out, remember to take care of your teeth, in the same way as you’re looking after your body by doing regular exercise.

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