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All Smiles At the BAFTAs

February 14, 2011

It may have been a wet and windy night but that did nothing to diminish the glamour of this year’s BAFTA Awards. And although some of Hollywood’s most glamorous stars were out in force it was a night for the Brits to shine.

It was smiles all round from man of the moment Colin Firth along with Geoffrey Rush and Helena Bonham Carter. Heavily pregnant Natalie Portman didn’t make an appearance but no doubt she was thrilled with her award for Leading Actress.

 The British contingent weren’t to be left behind their American counterparts in the glamour stakes, and all were showing off perfect teeth. The ‘Smile Makeover’ or ‘Hollywood Smile’ may have started in America but here in the UK more and more people are fixing their crooked teeth, citing confidence as the main reason for the change. Psychologically, smiling is linked to self confidence which in turn is crucial to leading a successful and fulfilling life. Ask any BAFTA winning actor and they’ll agree.

A big grin (as opposed to a fake smile which often hides the teeth) ignites a great mood in you and in others. It’s true that smiling is contagious and it is also reputed to help boost the immune system, relieve stress, release mood enhancing endorphins and make you more attractive to the opposite sex.

Getting a celebrity smile will normally involve having veneers fitted over crocked or chipped teeth, crowns or dental implants to replace worn or missing teeth and whitening to brighten the whole smile. Bear in mind that this kind of treatment isn’t available on the NHS in the UK, so savvy Brits look overseas to places like Hungary for their smile makeover treatment. You can often have the initial consultation in London where the latest technology will show you what you can expect your teeth to look like after the treatment.

Top clinics in Budapest will charge about one third of the UK price, and cheap flights and hotels mean it’s affordable to return for more than one treatment if required. Company’s like Smile Savers Hungary will help you set up all the aspects of the trip and will even organise drivers to take you from the hotel to the clinic and the airport, making the whole trip stress free.  They’ve handpicked the best hotels in town and the customer services team are always on hand to help with any questions. In fact the service is so good you’ll probably feel like a pampered movie star!

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