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Brad and Angelina go Hungary!

October 26, 2010

Last week Brad Pitt and the kids landed in Budapest to support Angelina Jolie in her directorial debut and the city is now in the paparazzi spotlight! The actress, famous for her sultry pout and at times eccentric behaviour is filming a love story set during the Bosnia Serbia war. The family are setting up home in Hungary’s capital city for the duration of the filming. They have rented a large, 10 bedroom villa just outside Budapest and the children are reportedly attending an international school nearby.

Brad and Angelina have been spotted looking very loved up on set, and Brad’s been riding around town on his beloved motorbike. No doubt the couple will enjoy showing their children the beautiful city and some of its charming tourist spots. The historical city is dominated by the Danube river which is crossed by many beautiful bridges. They could enjoy stunning views from Gellert Hill from which some of the historical landmarks can easily be spotted. Parliament, St Stephens Basilica and Hero Square are all ‘must see’ tourist spots that the Pitt-Jolie family are sure to visit. The kids will love the Zoo, Planetarium and Tropicarium so there’s no chance for the family to miss their US home.

If Angelina needs some time out from the pressures of directing, she could enjoy a spot of shopping down Andrassy Avenue, said to the ‘Oxford Street’ of Budapest. In reality, the boulevard is a chic shopping street full of top restaurants and designer boutiques which is also a World Heritage Site.

For romantic nights out the couple could head to some of Budapest’s top hotels where there are five star  bars and restaurants to enjoy. The Four Season’s Bar could be a great place to start the night, enjoying some cocktails before moving on to Gundel, the city’s best known restaurant which serves sophisticated yet traditional Hungarian fare. And if they’re up for a late night, the Dokk Club is where the beautiful people of Budapest hang out, and where visiting celebrities tend to finish up the evening.

Budapest is also famous for its thermal baths, and there are many to choose from. The waters are reputed to have therapeutic benefits, and the Széchenyi Bath in City Park is the largest, and most splendid of them all.

Budapest is a popular tourist spot for many visiting Europeans who flock to the city throughout the year and the highlight of the winter season is the Christmas Fair. Visit the festive markets to stock up on gifts and local delicacies and soak up their unique atmosphere.

The city is also famous for its top dental clinics where patients come to get the kind of Hollywood smile that Brad and Angelina are famous for. Prices for treatment in Budapest however are not only for celebrity pockets, people fly in from across Europe for excellent value and the most advanced dental treatments available.

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