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Travel friendly toothcare

August 20, 2010

It’s the height of the holiday season with many of us jetting off to desinations where the sunshine is more reliable. As your attention is turned to last minute holiday shopping and packing, we thought we’d round up the best of the travel friendly dental care products around.

There’s no need to comprimise your oral care routine just because you want to pack light.  Boots The Chemist and Superdrug both sell a selection of dental care mini sizes including Listerine Total Care mouthwash in a flight regulation friendly 95ml, and Colgate Total Toothpaste in 25ml, 50ml and 75ml sizes.

The website has the solution for messy spills with their ‘toothpaste tube’ which fits your regular toothbrush and toothpaste in a sealable tube. The Toothbrush Tube is £5.00 and is a good buy for anyone who travels regularly.

The Ortho Store sells this handy 3 in 1 Toothbrush – it’s the dental equivilent of a Swiss Army Knife! With a brush, a toothpick and an interdental brush this is particularly handy for anyone who wears braces and is £3.50. They also have a comprehensive little pack called the Orthodontic Travel Kit for £5.00 which contains a multitude of gadgets including floss and floss threaders and a mouth mirror to help you look after your braces on the move.

To keep your mouth fresh whilst you travel, pocket friendly tooth cleaners include the Chewable Tooth Brush, which are ubiquitous in station and airport toilets. We’ve never had the nerve to actually try one of these and would love to hear from anyone who has! We think sugar free chewing gum is also a travel essential and has the multi-function advantage of helping your ears adjust to altitude as well as keeping breath fresh.

For the more adventurous, those travelling to more remote areas where dentists are likely to be scarce may want to consider packing some clever kits for dental emergencies. Dentek has a range of kits to consider. From Temporary Fillings (£4.91) to Crown & Cap Cement (£4.99) and a handy Tooth Ache Kit (£8.29). We don’t recommend DIY dentistry, BUT, these kits could keep you smiling until you can get home. They are available online from Lloyds Pharmacy.

And finally, denture wearers, like cyclists, shouldn’t leave home without a repair kit such as the Dentaire Swiss Denture RepairFix (£19.95). Happy holidays!

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