Smile – sunshine is good for your teeth.

Truth Behind My Smile

10 Reasons to smile on a Monday…

August 9, 2010

1. A smile takes years off

Forget Botox and fancy creams; a big grin lifts the muscles in your face and makes you appear instantly younger. We subconsciously associate happiness with youth so a genuine smile can do more than a cosmetic surgeon, and for a lot less money.

2. Smiling changes our mood

You can trick yourself into feeling more positive by cracking a smile. So if you are feeling down, try turning up the corners of your mouth….you’ll find your mood changes in an instant.

3. Catch a smile and spread the love

Smiling is contagious; it can change the mood of others and set off a chain reaction of happiness and goodwill. Try walking into a room full of serious faces, if you give someone a heartfelt smile it will soon change the mood of those around you.

4. Smiling through the pain.

Smiling releases endorphins and serotonin – our natural, in-built pain relievers. So if you have hurt yourself, try to make a joke of it and send those endorphins soaring!

5. Smiling is good for your blood pressure

The scientific boffins have proven that smiling can lower your blood pressure. So when you feel yourself tensing up and the pressure mounting think of something funny or someone you love – anything to bring a smile to your face – and your blood pressure will start to drop again.

6. You’re gorgeous…. smile!

Picture two people, one who is smiling, the other who looks down in the dumps, who would you be most attracted to? We are attracted to the smiling person because we want to know why they are happy, and we want to join in their good mood. Smiling makes you more attractive to people, particularly if your smile reveals rows of straight and healthy teeth.

7. Smiling is the best medicine

Smiling can help boost your immune system as it forces the body to relax which in turn boosts health. Kick start a positive cycle this winter by staying upbeat and steering clear of colds and coughs.

8. Smiling relieves stress

We hold stress and tension on the inside, but the signs are clear for all to see on our faces. When you are feeling stressed, acknowledge those feelings and take time out to smile, the action of smiling will relax you and you will be better able to cope with your day.

9. Smile for positivity

It’s physically and mentally impossible to be negative whilst smiling. Try to say something bad or think a negative thought whilst smiling – it just can’t be done. Our smile triggers a response that tells the body that ‘everything’s AOK’ and instantly banishes any negativity.

10. Smile for success

Smiling gives you confidence and confidence brings success. It’s that simple.

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