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Truth Behind My Smile

Who knew teeth could be so rock n roll!

July 26, 2010

Rock legend Ozzy Osbourne has confessed to having a mouth full of impants, or as he puts it: “My choppers ain’t real. All my teeth are screwed in.”  He blames his drug addictions for losing his teeth as vital nutrients such as calcium are depleted, but the most common reason is gum disease. Ozzy goes on to say: “If I had my real teeth, I’d look like Herman Munster’s ugly brother.”  Sound familiar? Well Ozzy’s case sounds pretty drastic but many people can relate to feeling unhappy about a gappy or crooked smile.

Ozzy’s implants are titanium and they are implanted into the jaw bone via surgery. Titanium is well tolerated by the bone which over time grows over the implant to give it extra stability. The implant is effectively a screw that supports the crown or the bridge and together they form a permanent tooth replacement option.  Implants can be used to create a full mouth of teeth, or for single teeth replacement, but this route to a happy smile isn’t available on the NHS. Implants will cost between £1,800.00 to £2,500.00 at a top London clinic, although a less expensive solution is to travel overseas to places like Budapest where patients can find prices are reduced by about 50%.

The news that Ozzy chose implants over a denture is hardly surprising. As a celebrity he’ll be under close scrutiny from the press and implants mean he can feel 100% confident speaking or eating with no danger of slipping dentures. A comforting thought not doubt for Ozzy as he can continue to bite heads of bats with total confidence. For the rest of us, just eating an apple or some crusty bread would be proof enough that implants do lead to a more confident smile!

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