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An App A Day Keeps the Dentist Away

June 28, 2010

Having just about resisted the feeding frenzy surrounding the Apple iPad launch last month, I am now seriously tempted by the new iPhone 4 which arrived in the UK last week amid the usual store queues and glowing reviews from the techy community.

Do I lust after it for its new ‘FaceTime’ video calling? Is it the Retina Display with the incredible screen resolution? Or do I just want to make and edit a High Definition video? Nope…..I want it so I can play around with some oh-so-very-essential dental apps.

Who could resist downloading 3D Teeth? Packed with animated 3D graphics of each tooth, it’s a must-have mouth companion which gives you loads of information on…well…teeth! From dental caries to dental implants it’s got the whole mouth covered and is essential reading before you move on to the….Animated Tooth Quiz! Yes, this dental app lets you test your toothsome knowledge with 48 illustrated questions (not including wisdom teeth – did the makers spot the obvious joke here?). Surely this is the ideal distraction to while away time in the waiting room with your fellow patients?

 Help in the bathroom is also at hand with a number of apps to help you brush. The iBrush app stands out for having illustrations on brushing techniques and a timer to ensure you spend the right amount of time on each section of the mouth. A little OTT perhaps but actually this could genuinely be a useful way to get poor brushers to improve their skill and ultimately help their oral hygiene and dental health.

 There are nearly 100 dental specific apps to choose from, but two more really stood out for me. The first one, Dental Spanish has been designed for English dentists to communicate with their Spanish patients. The large Hispanic community in America must have breathed a sigh of relief when this one launched – at last they can understand what their dentist is saying behind his nose and mouth mask. And finally, our all time favourite – the Little Dental Drug Book – apparently it’s “everyone’s favourite pocket prescription guide.” Obviously the drug guide is aimed at dentists, although I find it worrying that they need to rely on an iPhone app to prescribe correctly, but I think every patient should have one to make that drilling and filling just a little more relaxing!

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