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Smile….it’s May….

May 14, 2010

May 17th sees the start of another National Smile Month where we the nation are encouraged to look after our teeth under the slogan of Teeth 4 Life. Great, a catchy slogan and a month of reading about tooth paste and good brushing habits, just what we need to get the nation’s teeth polished and gleaming. But wait! Surely this message isn’t just for one month out of twelve, isn’t this something that we should be encouraged to do every day of every year?

The answer is obviously yes! Every day, every month, every year we need to take good care of our teeth, because good oral habits isn’t just about avoiding expensive dental work or the dreaded NHS dentures. There is good evidence to support a systemic link between oral health and overall body health. So healthy teeth, healthy body is the message we need to get. Gum disease is linked to diabetes, strokes, premature births and low birth weights, clearly taking control of your dental health won’t just benefit your smile and self confidence.

Dr Attila Kaman suggests: “If there is a nagging dental problem worrying you such as gum disease, poor fitting dentures or missing teeth it is worth seeking a second opinion on what can be done. It isn’t just about your smile; we see lots of patients whose overall health has suffered because of dental issues. Remember that problems with your teeth often lead to a poor diet which is also a major factor in failing health…many people report an improved diet once they have had implants or good quality crowns or bridges fitted”
The Teeth 4 Life campaign is extolling the virtues of brushing twice a day, cutting down on sugary snacks and drinks and visiting your dentists as often as recommended. Assuming you can get to a dentist that can accommodate NHS patients that all sounds very good. May also seems like a good month to think long term and sort out any nagging problems….it’s worth researching alternatives to NHS or private treatment options. Budapest’s reputation for top dentists puts it at the top of the list for overseas treatment options and summer is a popular time to visit the city.

But before you pack your bags, we’ll leave you with one last tip from the Teeth 4 Life campaign…. Apparently, if you lead a healthy and active lifestyle, you are 40% less likely to experience teeth and gum problems, so grab your toothbrush and… your tennis racket, trainers and gym membership….and get a healthier smile all year round!

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