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Truth Behind My Smile

Smile in the face of ageing.

March 4, 2010

Looking younger has become the nation’s latest obsession and it’s not just women who are striving for more youthful looks. More and more men are opting for cosmetic procedures and the rise in men having Botox is so significant, it’s recently been dubbed ‘Boytox’! Advances in skincare and new ways to plump or smooth skin in your lunch hour make it easier to turn back the clock but there’s no point in not being able to frown if your smile looks like it belongs to an OAP.

Stained and crooked teeth are a real age giveaway simply because as we get older our teeth become more yellow, worn down and misaligned. One of the fastest ways to take a few years off is teeth whitening. Zoom! Whitening is generally considered to be the best whitening system available and combines proprietary light technology with specially formulated hydrogen peroxide gel to quickly and safely remove stains and brighten teeth. The trick is not to get carried away, a dazzling white will look fake and give the game away.

Worn and chipped teeth are also very ageing, giving the impression of advanced years and a mouth that hasn’t been cared for. There are several ways to improve the appearance of teeth and make them look straighter and essentially younger. Porcelain veneers are individually hand crafted and are applied to the front surface of the tooth. They look incredibly natural and should last for about 15 years. Crowns and bridges are suitable for more damaged teeth as they encapsulate the whole tooth, again making the mouth look instantly younger.

It’s worth remembering that tooth loss will speed up facial changes, particularly loss of facial height. As the face drops so facial lines deepen and become more prominent. Crowns or veneers can be used to build up the height of teeth to stop this happening. Or if teeth have been lost, implants are definitely the best option. Once facial height has been restored it may be worth then talking to a cosmetic doctor about cosmetic fillers and how they can be used to plump out lines that have formed around the mouth.

Unfortunately none of the procedures are available on the NHS and looking younger can be pricey. Its definitely worth doing your research carefully, some clinics will offer a free smile makeover so you can see exactly what your new, ‘younger’ self will look like. Look at dentists overseas, for example in Budapest, where the dentists are highly trained but costs are significantly lower than in the UK. Smiling instantly makes everyone look younger and more attractive… before you turn to the knife take a visit to your dentist.

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