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March 23, 2010

Let me start by saying I’d never thought I would be compelled to write about a toothbrush, but having just bought a new Sonicare brush, its love and I want to tell the world.

So what led me to my new bathroom love? Well, I am worried about my gums and realised that my teeth are making me look older. That and the fact that NHS dentists are not going to replace any teeth that go missing in action!

I’ve tried a number of electric tooth brushes and some of the new battery operated disposable toothbrushes that look the same as a traditional one but buzz away and claim to have superior cleaning power. Well now I realise they are mere cheap pretenders compared to the original Sonicare.

OK, so it wasn’t cheap, the FlexCare HX6932/10 was £199.00 (reduced in Boots to a bargain £99.00!), but it’s lightweight, slim line and comfortable to hold. The two choices of head sizes and various cleaning settings mean you can personalise your whole teeth brushing routine. Choose from three modes – clean, sensitive and massage (the latter being good for gums); and the tooth brush will even help you time your clean if you want it to. It comes with a portable recharger and an infrared brush sanitiser which I believe is a bonus – particularly if you have been ill and want to ensure germs are killed off pronto.

The first time I used it I confess to being worried – it tickled, yes, really tickled! But wow, my teeth felt so clean, my gums looked good and I really felt the brush get between the teeth and into all the corners. Subsequent sessions haven’t tickled at all, so I must be getting used to those sonic waves now. It’s easy to get the angle against the teeth right and my teeth feel like they do after a trip to the hygienist ….which must be a good thing! It’s sonic-love!

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