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Truth Behind My Smile

Another happy customer leaves Budapest with a brand new smile…

February 16, 2010

I always had good teeth. I didn’t know that there was trouble brewing. I was a grinder. Most nights I would grind away and awake in the morning with aching jaws and neck. And then my teeth started to fall out – it was like a nightmare. I ended up losing 12 teeth – all perfectly healthy – no gum disease – they were just falling out.

The prices quoted in the UK were totally unaffordable – I would expect to buy the best part of a house for the figures quoted – and when No. 12 fell out while I was chewing on a lettuce leaf (I do not jest!) panic set in.

Some friends had told me about their dental adventures in Budapest – so I immediately made contact with Veronika from Smile Savers Hungary and asked “could I go now please?!”

So, a year ago (almost to the day) I went off to Budapest to visit the Smile Savers Hungary Implant Centre. That visit wasn’t particularly pleasant, not because of the place or the people at all, more the dread and angst that I had built up. I was pumped full of novocaine (or something similar) so there was no pain just some discomfort. Industrial strength drilling took place over a 3 day period. I was fitted with a “temp” and I wended my way home – looking like a cross between a hamster and a drunk!

Because part of my treatment was a bone augmentation, I had to wait for 6 long months before returning.

In May of this year (2009), I made a return visit. A bit more industrial strength drilling (to alter my bite to try to prevent future grinding) – had some zoom whitening (wonderful result!) and my new gnashers were fitted.

I went to have my hearing tested (all part of the ageing process!) and got talking to the Doctor about teeth (as you do!) and, as a result, both her son and daughter will be wending their way to the Implant Centre before too long.

Told some chums about my Smile Savers’ experience (and showed them the finished article) and Roger has since been over to Budapest for his phase 1 – and he’s as delighted at the service and support as I was. He’s looking forward to going back in May for his final fitting.

I can’t tell you all how happy and relieved I am. Having spent the last couple of years with my hand at my mouth so that I wouldn’t inflict my gaps on passing strangers, I can now laugh with the rest of them. How delighted am I?!! ( :

Jackie Burchill

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