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Little Miss Sensitive

January 28, 2010

That’s me…

Fondants and frothy coffee are two of my favorite things. Sadly, the joy I take from these little indulgencies are short lived – a nibble or a sip is often followed by a swift pang of pain in my teeth. I have sensitive teeth.

I regularly have an extra layer of enamel put on my teeth and if you are a sufferer too, I recommend you do the same. I’ve spoken to Dr Attila again and here are some of his Top Tips for Treating Sensitive Teeth…

1. Make sure you use a soft electric or manual toothbrush
2. Use Sensodyne tooth paste and a mouthwash
3. Use Gluma Desensitizer for exposed and painful tooth necks (it’s a one-step chair side procedure for treating and preventing dentinal hypersensitivity. Gluma’s patented Glutaraldehyde/HEMA formula acts in seconds to seal dentinal tubules, preventing the fluid shifting recognized as the primary cause of localized hypersensitivity. Gluma also inhibits the growth of bacteria, which is also indicated as a cause of sensitivity)

Do not… (if possible)
1. Brush hard, because it will wear the enamel down
2. Brush your teeth in a ‘saw’ like manner, because it can damage the gum line and expose the tooth neck
3. Whiten your teeth

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