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D.I.Y Dentistry

January 5, 2010

I read an article in one of the national’s the other day about a guy who took his father’s car for a spin (literally!) when he was 15. The car careered in to a hedgerow and his face hit the steering wheel. The boy’s top four front teeth were shattered and unsurprisingly he suffered incredible pain and also embarrassment when the replacement crowns he was given by the NHS looked like they belonged to ‘racehorses’!

Anyway, the bit that fascinated me was later on, when the boy became a man with an interest in mountain biking… This grown man began super-gluing pieces of his teeth, which would jiggle loose or break off whilst again careering at dangerous speeds around cliffs and hedgerows, back in to place. Hell-oooooooooooooooo?!!

Unsurprisingly, this guy’s oral health went from bad to worse – he developed serious abscesses, he had root canals and penicillin but nothing would mend the results of his absurd D.I.Y dentistry. Not wanting dentures he looked in to implants but the NHS rarely offers this kind of extensive treatment which then forced him in to the extortionate realm of private dentistry. He sold the culprit bike to contribute towards the cost of the treatment. Now that’s what I call Car-ma!

I read a shocking statistic that, because of the difficulties in accessing or paying for dental treatment in the UK is growing, more and more people are resorting to D.I.Y Dentistry. Some use pliers to extract! Some use gum to fix! Some use home bleaching products to whiten! D.Y.I Dentistry – More mental than dental I say!

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