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Truth Behind My Smile

Red wine just keeps getting better… for you!

December 2, 2009

According to research about to be released by The Journal of Food Chemistry, Red wine contains chemicals that could ward off decay and further prevent bacteria clinging to teeth. White wine has the opposite effect – having a high acidity content, it strips the teeth of its’ enamel.

The active ingredients in the red wine are called Proanthocyanidins and they are super-duper high in antioxidants. Not only do our pals the Proanthocyanidins help ward off harmful organisms that would seek to ruin and erode our beautiful smiles, they also:

• Improve brain power
• boost your immune system
• fight diabetes
• fight obesity
• fight signs of old age (I think that’s called pickling!) and…
• protect against Alzheimers (due to the other Red Wine’s super-trouper: Falvanoids)

Before you start soaking your morning porridge in Pinot Noir and gargling with a nice Chianti, bear in mind that all the benefits depend on MODERATION. A glass a day (large!) should do just fine.


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