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December 15, 2009

Do you know a French kiss from a Whispering Kiss? A Surprise Kiss from a Wake-Up kiss? (Quito often the same thing I find!) If not, then fret not, I have put together a kissing ‘A to XXX’ of kissing techniques. Breath mints at the ready…

French Kiss – Mes Cherie, this classic is basically, ‘business time’, as they’d say. Your lips, your tongue, your hands, your entire body – all in! This kiss can lead on to the…

All Over Kiss – Top to toe attentiveness. This really can be a labour of love, depending on how ‘bothered’ you feel and how tall your partner is. Plant them anywhere and everywhere – don’t get to excited though, think romantic not frantic!

Angel Kiss – This kiss is to soothe, comfort and reassure your partner – a barely there kiss on the eye-lid, nose or cheek that leaves them with a sweet lingering sensation. Don’t chew gum at the same time, especially when you’re working the eye-lid… trust me…

Surprise Kiss – Giving your partners tongue a little special attention whilst it’s in your mouth. Mmmm, nice…

Wake Up Kiss – Set your alarm a few a few minutes before you beloveds’ and awake them with affection. Don’t smother them though, or they might not wake up at all! However, if he/she was out the night before you might want to opt for the Wake Up bucket of water instead?!

Sweety Kiss – If you can bear to share your food, and I don’t mean a lamb chop or a battered sausage, more… chocolates, strawberries, grapes and even spaghetti (a la Lady and The Tramp!) then share… hold half in your mouth and offer them the other half. Check for allergies first. Or don’t.

Tempting Kiss – This is teamwork between the eyes and the lips. Look seductively at your partner; kiss slowly (no tongues, there’s been enough of that already.) and then pull away slowly, look again, maybe a coquettish little smile thrown in there too, and then kiss again… repeat as desired.

Mimic Kiss – is just that. A bit playground but could be the fun beginnings of a more adult affair…

Whispering Kiss – Whilst you’re pashing, stagger your kisses along your partners cheek through to his or her ear and then whisper something sexy. Remember, the football scores might do it for you but probably not for your partner.

Happy Smooching folks! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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