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Festive Forewarning for 2010: Beware the Christmas Pudding!

December 30, 2009

I came across a funny little article the other day about a top London restaurant asking their diners to sign a waiver that would absolve the venue of any responsibility should the customer be unfortunate enough to choke on the ‘lucky’ silver coin (traditionally a sixpence) hidden within their Christmas pudding.

This story spurred me on to look in to other foodie hazards of the festive season and I know it’s a little late for Christmas 2009, but here are some genuine tales of Yuletide woe that I hope to make your Christmas 2010 a little bit safer. I really don’t know how people manage it…

Death by Chocolate: People have actually died believing that Christmas decorations were chocolate.

The Lazy Boy: There are constant holiday hospital admissions of people (men!) opening bottles of beer with their teeth and then either cutting themselves severely or choking on the bottle top…

Tempestuous Turkeys: Spitting fat from a turkey has blinded many a Christmas cook.

Inquisitive Kids: Children have suffered alcohol poisoning having found Santa’s sherry before he did.

So people, you have 365 days to safeguard you and your homes from potential Christmas catastrophes. My motto: Be merry but be aware. The excitement and the flurry of the festive season can lead to some dangerous and even deadly safety oversights.

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