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Truth Behind My Smile

Diary of a Dental Tourist – Julia Vorley has just been to Budapest for extensive dental treatment and an interview with BBC1’s Inside Out program.

December 10, 2009

Sunday 22nd November
It’s cold and wet & I wake very early, full of trepidation, but also excitement; just a few more days to my fantastic new smile! I haven’t been able to smile properly for years and I just cannot wait. Even though I only have temporary bridges in place at the moment (as I am in-between treatment), I feel 100% better about myself and ‘lighter’ as a person, far more willing to smile and laugh. As I wave goodbye to my family I feel that the final stage of my journey has begun and I will be a different person when I return to the UK.

Monday 23rd November
I didn’t sleep terribly well as I feel rather anxious re my treatment. It is very wet, but mild in Budapest and I have 4 hours of treatment ahead of me this afternoon. I know it will be painful, but bearable and another step along the way to my new smile.

I have just spoken with Veronika, a Smile Savers Hungary representative, and also the producer of BBC1 ‘Inside Out’ programme and have been formally been placed on ‘stand-by’ for filming – they are just scouting around Budapest looking for a location for my interview.

Interview goes very smoothly, much easier than I imagined it would be & I am heading closer to my treatment at 2.30pm.

Four hours plus of intensive treatment later, my face is swollen & I am feeling slightly shell-shocked. Apparently I have had the equivalent of 5 UK treatments in just 1 afternoon! Time for pain-killers and bed I think.

Tuesday 24th November
I Woke up early after a reasonable night’s sleep – face not so swollen, but still painful. I met and chatted to some other clinic patients over breakfast today and the overall feeling is very upbeat and excited re out transformations. Eating is quite tricky as my mouth is bruised and painful.

Wednesday 25th November
Midweek point and the surgery has called to advise me that my appointment is earlier than expected. I need to go and meet the technicians to choose the colour and shape of my teeth this pm – all very exciting; I feel that I am moving closer to my lovely new smile every day!

I have selected A1 colour with a natural, rounded style of teeth – I just cannot wait….

Metal moulds were fitted in my mouth to ensure a really good fit of the final porcelain teeth; my teeth are highly sensitive, so I really did not enjoy this, but understand that it is just part of the process.

Thursday 26th November
A day trip to Vienna, Austria today, so a really early start. Three hours later and I am in Vienna perusing the divine designer shops & seeing all the ‘beautiful’ people. The afternoon brings coffee and delicious apple strudel with vanilla cream in a traditional Viennese Coffee House – just amazing!

The high speed train carries me back to Budapest and my hotel – I am so close to my lovely new smile now.

Friday 27th November
Finally it is here…. The day I have been waiting for! Thankfully I have a really early clinic appointment and so do not have long to wait to see my new teeth. Local anaesthetic is necessary for the fitting as my own teeth are incredibly sensitive and the fitting process can be quite painful.

As my dentist hands me a mirror for the very first glance at my new teeth, I feel my eyes fill with tears – I can hardly recognise the person looking back at me. My teeth are absolutely perfect – small, beautifully shaped and white – very natural looking. I thanked Dr Lantos profusely, but I don’t know if he understands just how much he has changed my life!

Saturday 28th November
Fly home to see my family – they are just amazed and thrilled to see me so happy.

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