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Dental tourism – To go or not to go…

November 9, 2009

Brief Introduction: Due to an ill fitting crown I have developed another infection that could lead to another root canal and another crown. Feeling thoroughly disheartened with the treatment I have received thus far, I’ve decided to explore the option of dentistry abroad…

Brief History: Over the last two years I have had the most gruelling time with my teeth. As a result of a healthy diet, no fizzy pop (possibly a little champagne) and exemplary oral hygiene I have been rewarded with weak and vulnerable teeth?!! Go figure… To cut a long story short: I made several trips to the dentists to have temporary crowns put on and taken off whilst they tried to get it right: the right fit and the right colour. Over a period of 2 months I had more fingers scrambling about in my mouth than I did meals! In the end I walked away, drained and traumatised with a tooth that looked no better than something I would have picked up at a joke shop. The dentist comforted me with “Well, that’s what you get for going with the NHS, da’ling.”

What I learnt about dental treatment abroad:
Thousands upon thousands of Brits go abroad for dental treatment because:
• There is no NHS in their area or the NHS doesn’t provide the necessary treatment.
• The cost of going private is impossibly expensive and when the amount of treatment needed is considerable, it is often cheaper to fly abroad and be treated there than remaining ‘home’.
• The standards of dentistry in some other countries is very high with much more training involved

Before deciding that I would go down this root(canal!) I did a lot of research and I recommend anybody else do the same if they’re considering ‘paying away’:

1 – Compare prices and destinations thoroughly to make sure it would be more cost efficient to abroad. The more extensive the treatment required the higher the savings made can be.
2 – Get a detailed quote from the clinic and ask who will be treating you – Google him/her!
3 – Check out reviews of the clinic (other that those on their web-site)
4 – Check out the dentists qualifications
5 – Ask about after care!

In one well-reputed Budapest clinic my root-canal would have cost me £69 Vs £210 in London. The Porcelain Crown would have cost me £199 Vs £550 and the initial consultation £75 Vs FREE!

Present Times: I have since been told that the infection is minor and that I will not need further treatment but had I needed to fork out any more money, I would have taken a mini-break, which I deserve – the treatment would have been cheaper and my surroundings a lot nicer! Added value holidays are in and I feel it my duty to let others know that there are feasible and friendly alternatives out there…

Next week I will have a guest blogger onboard who has just come back from a Budapest dental clinic so you guys can have a first hand account of a dental tourist.

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