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Sweet Breath – Part III

October 12, 2009

For my final furlong of the Fresh Breath Triathlon I decided to take the science and technology approach looking at gadgets and treatments. Science has never been my strong point so bear with me on the technical side of things!

The Oolitt Elite Tongue Scraper. Very sexy. Research shows cleansing your tongue on a daily basis is important to maintain an all round healthy mouth. It’s an important part of Chinese health philosophy, so now Cleanse, Tone, Moisturise and Scrape! The ‘scraping’ significantly reduces plaque causing bacteria and the sources of bad breath. With an adjustable head and a rippled edge – this is apparently for comfort. This takes some getting used to, I found my automatic response was to curl up my tongue AND I gagged (even though it said to the Oooooooohlitt Elite reduces gagging with its rippled this and flexi that). This is something to incorporate in to your floss, brush and rinse routine but time’s tight in most people’s mornings and the scraping could seriously put you off breakfast.

I bought my Oolitt Elite Tongue Scraper from for the reasonable price of £3.44

Next I dabbled in a little Ultrasonic Tooth Cleaning. It was quick, painless and fascinating! The hygienist placed the tip of the instrument against my teeth and it vibrated very gently. The vibrating broke up the tartar and plaque that have clung like dear friends to my teeth. Through the entire treatment, water is also pumped softly through the instrument – this washed away the remaining, sorry bacteria. It’s such a gentle process but obviously incredibly effective because I can honestly say that my well looked after teeth have never felt so good! Each tooth felt like individual panes of glass – so smooth, so clean. £94 pounds very well spent.

Now, this next treatment I’ve not yet tried but I read about it in the papers today and apparently this is the newest weapon in the battle against halitosis.

The Waterlase MD Turbo (a distant cousin of Robo Cop) is a laser devise that fights tooth decay, repairs cavities and crowns, cleans gums and destroys any bacteria in its path! (Well, 99.7%) However, I feel that at £50, 000 this treatment is exclusively for the rich and truly desperate.

I am absolutely gob-smacked at the many and varied types of bad breath treatments out there! Really, there are too many to mention and too many to try in rapid succession of each other so I have decided to revisit this topic in future blogs – so stay close!

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