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Sweet Breath – Part II

October 8, 2009

Following last week’s herbal experimentation into natural fresh breath solutions we wanted to test some of the products that work from the inside. Before I could start part II of the Fresh Breath Triathlon I needed to find a new ‘breath-tester’ as my partner has suddenly gone off on safari. Luckily my very good friend has stepped in to the breach and allowed me to speak at her for a minute, post breath freshening, in very close range.

I read somewhere recently that an apple a day keeps the dentist away and so this was my first ‘inside-out’ experiment. The theory is that munching on an apple hydrates the mouth and dislodges the ‘stuff’ like bacteria that causes bad breath. My friend said it was effective but we felt that whilst the apple helped our ‘five a day’ count it wasn’t a portable or discrete method of freshening breath. We agreed however, that it was a great way to freshen up post lunch at your desk or at home.

Method two was a breath freshener. I just HAD to try Anatomicals ‘Snog Me Senseless’ breath freshener… it would be criminal not to. Technically, you don’t digest it as it is sprayed onto the back of your throat. The active ingredients that don’t just mask but eliminate bad odours are: mint, cinnamon, parsley, stevia, clove, ginger and pimento fruit extract. It’s very refreshing in a surprising, non-minty way and with all those active ingredients, of course it works fantastically. So, “Snog Me Senseless” gets our vote and is perfect for on the move freshen ups. I picked up my ‘Snog Me Senseless’ from for £3

Method three, Body Mints, was by far my most favoured: quick, easy and very effective (no complaints from my long-suffering friend!) Body Mints do exactly as you would imagine – they make you smell minty from the inside-out. The product contains Chlorophyl which is the active ingredient in ridding bad odours. You take two per day and there’s a months supply in each bottle. It’s not instantaneous so you will initially still need floss and chewing-gum at the ready (just in case!) but after a few days you will notice a difference and if my boyfriend ever comes back from safari… so will he! My Body Mints were £14 courtesy of

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