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Toothsome treats sweeten the recession…

September 18, 2009

Mmmm… we loved reading about ‘Recessionary-induced emotional eating’ and although it’s looking bad for our teeth… it’s also looking soooo good for the taste buds!

Angel Delight, Wagon Wheels, Findus Crispy Pancakes and…(be still my beating tummy!) Arctic Rolls! The come-back of these comfort foods could prove good business for the dental profession unless we comfort ourselves with a little responsibility.

Dr Kaman from The Implant and Aesthetic Centre in Budapest explains the best approach to comfort eating: “Everyone knows sweet treats are not good for dental health, sugar causes decay and gum problems. What is less well known is that sugar weakens the enamel, and brushing immediately can cause more damage than good.

“To minimize smile damage avoid snacking on these kinds of sugar rich foods, just indulge after a main meal, brushing your teeth an hour or two later at bedtime is the perfect time to ensure you don’t damage the enamel but also avoid the risk of tooth decay.”

So, now you know the best way to eat our way out of recession…..just don’t forget to floss! waggon wheel

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