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Threatened staff cuts spell more bad news for dental health

September 4, 2009

Yesterday’s leaked news about possible job cuts in the NHS has sparked concern that the UK’s much stretched dental services could be further reduced. There are currently 11,854 dentists and dental staff, and last year less than half the adult population saw a dentist. Increases in emergency treatments required and rising numbers of children with dental problems are giving Brits little to smile about. Here are some stats to chew over….

1 in 17 Scots were forced to have a teeth removed in the last year.

The number of complex treatments has halved – it’s all ‘drill n fill’ or extractions!

Dentists with a 70% NHS work load can earn 6 figure salaries.

The cost of an NHS check is £16.00 versus an average private cost of £50.00.

Almost a million fewer people are being treatment on the NHS since the Dental Contracts were started in 2006

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