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Sweet Breath…part 1

September 30, 2009

Everyone but everyone suffers from bad breath at some time, often the answer most likely lies with the garlic bread from last night’s Italian, but for anyone who’s worried about ongoing bad breath problems it is essential to get it checked out. Persistent bad breath can be caused by a host of deeper health issues, from poor digestion to gum disease or sinus problem and chest infections, so a dentist or doctor’s appointment is advisable.

I have wonderfully sweet smelling breath, naturally, but there’s always room for improvement, so I’ve embarked on a Fresh Breath Triathlon to find out what really works. This week I’ve tested out some kitchen cupboard remedies, and then next I’ve lined up some natural remedies that work on the digestion to sweeten breath. Then my quest will be going down the scientific path to find the latest treatments on offer.

So, Week One has seen me try the following natural remedies followed by a quick kiss with my boyf (3 seconds on the stop watch, actually) I have: chewed mint leaves (two at a time), crunched cardamom seeds, licked liquorices sticks and gnawed on some Angelica Root.

The spiciness of the cardamom seed was an unexpected bonus for my palette and successfully rid my breath of the best tasting burrito in Central London but I must say, I was a little nervous crunching away because they are tough little blighters – I got ‘bits’ stuck here and there and picking them out is probably just as anti-social as halitosis.

The Angelica Root was a wee bit bitter for my liking although is said to be bless it’s consumer with angelic qualities. My research proved the mint to be the most effective method (and provided I flossed after it seemed to go down the best with my kiss-o-meter). The liquorice deodorized really well too but visually, I could tell that he would rather not ‘go there’!

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