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It’s Red…but not as we know it…

August 20, 2009

In might be the end of August for most of us, but for any trend hound fashionista it’s officially autumn. Today we’re obsessing over the trend for red lipsticks. Seems like only yesterday that red lips were last ‘on trend’, in fact it was autumn/winter 08, but in fashion what goes around comes around!

Red lipstick can be a tricky pick for any smiling trend watcher because some shades will make your teeth look very yellow. The experts at Flourish Make up have the following to say:  “Red is in trend this Autumn but be careful to avoid wearing red lipsticks with an orange tone as these have a tendency to make teeth look yellow. A red lipstick with a blueish, cooler undertone works best to help brighten a smile and help to give the appearance of whiter teeth, try Nvey Eco lip Colour in #369, a vibrant blue red available from Guru Makeup Emporium, it has the added benefit of being organic and nourishes lips with ingredients including beeswax, safflower & vitamin E. We also recommend Nars Semi-Matte lipstick in Red Lizard, which is a highly pigmented powerful red that contrasts with your teeth making them look pearly white.”

Red lipstick is unforgiving and it’s worth some prep work in the form of lip exfoliation and primer. Choose a liner that’s as close to the lipstick shade as possible. Then all you have to do is follow the natural line of the lip….or as catwalk trend dictates go geisha with the kind of extreme cupid bow that was seen at Dior….well only if you dare!

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