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Truth Behind My Smile

Dentures were not an option for Janet.

August 16, 2012

After years of unhappiness and six months of careful research Janet found her smile again in Budapest.

Janet’s visit to the Smile Savers Clinic in London was the culmination of six months of careful research, but within minutes she knew she had found the right dentist to fix her smile. Her story began in her twenties when she felt some of her teeth were loosening. Her dentist wasn’t able to offer much help, telling her that gum disease was the cause and that he thought it might be a hereditary problem.

Janet was told to look after her teeth the best she could and attend annual checkups but over time the condition of her teeth worsened. Like many people, Janet felt ashamed of her teeth and understandably she began to worry more and more. She managed to keep it all a secret by covering her mouth when she smiled and not sharing her concerns with anyone but her husband.

Before long, Janet’s health was affected and by the time she was in her fifties she knew it was decision time. Loose teeth and bone loss meant she would soon lose some teeth and she needed to act. Her dentist had tried antibiotics but, when that and other treatments failed, he advised her of the options. The choice between dentures and permanent replacement such as dental implants was an easy one to make but it was a question of cost.

“Dentures were not a choice I was willing to consider and I knew the treatment I needed was going to be extremely expensive in the UK,” explained Janet. Luckily she recalled seeing a television programme about dental tourism and that sparked an idea which was to eventually lead her to Budapest.

Janet’s primary concern was finding a reputable dentist and as nobody she knew had taken this route it was down to her to sift through the choices she found online. Her short list included companies that had clinics in London so she could have a consultation here first. She also felt it was important to see that the company had good recommendations from newspapers and television. Smile Savers Hungary was her first choice and her instincts about the team paid off. “I was made to feel welcome and all the staff were so friendly with a very professional approach. I felt very comfortable in their capable hands and the dental assistants were very caring and reassuring,” stated Janet.

Understandably Janet found the treatment very gruelling, she had eight root canal treatments, 10 implants and eight crowns over a course of three visits to Budapest. “In many ways it was harder than I anticipated, I had eight root canals in one afternoon which was intense but actually I was glad to have it done in this way. In the UK you’d be in and out of the dentist for short appointments for months and I would have found that very difficult to deal with,” explained Janet.

Dr Georg Gruming and Dr Attila Kaman did all of Janet’s dental treatment but she was impressed by the interest the whole team took in her treatment and in the work of their fellow dentists.

Now that the treatment is finished Janet feels on top of the world. She’s happy to talk about her experiences and is full of smiles after years of worrying about her teeth. “I appreciate the dental work I have had done so much and I know how lucky I am to have discovered Smile Savers. I don’t have to worry about opening my mouth to speak or smile any more. It feels so good to not have to shy away from eye contact and covering my mouth up when talking to people,” says Janet.

Now she will only visit the Smile Savers dentist in Budapest for her checkups, eschewing her old British dentist for Dr Kaman and his team. “At the end of the day…..I am just so grateful to not have dentures!”

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DIY tooth whitening ruined Russell’s teeth.

November 2, 2011

After having his teeth whitened professionally, Russell Fraser was thrilled with the result. He spends a lot of time meeting clients, so feeling confident is important to him. Teeth whitening is an easy way to give your smile a lift. Whiter, brighter teeth give the impression of looking younger and healthier but top ups are needed to maintain the look.

When Russell decided he needed another treatment to brighten up his smile again he was very busy at work and thought he’d save time by using a DIY treatment at home. Russell did his research and found a company online that supplied teeth whitening kits. The company seemed reputable and he was impressed that the service included making personalized trays. Russell sent off an impression of his teeth and the kit soon arrived in the post.

That night Russell carefully followed the instructions, filling the tray with the liquid supplied and wearing them overnight. But by morning his teeth were throbbing so badly that he considered going to his local A&E department. After about 16 hours the pain eventually wore off but Russell’s problems were only just beginning.

“At first I could not see any changes to my teeth but I kept a close eye on them and after about two weeks I noticed that the area around the gum line had gone darker. I found a dental mirror to inspect the back teeth and to my horror, I could see they had turned brown.”

The damage to Russell’s teeth worsened with time, until, in his words “they were literally falling apart.” The whitening treatment had eroded the enamel, leaving the dentine exposed and his teeth in a very vulnerable state.

Russell knew he needed to take action but he was too embarrassed to visit his regular dentist so he called a private practice. He was told that he would need 18 crowns and he was shocked at the price. Typically, aesthetic metal free crowns at a UK private dentist will cost upwards of £500.00. Russell started searching for a cheaper option and he discovered Smile Savers Hungary. He was able to organize his treatment over the phone and once the clinic had seen photographs of his teeth they were able to give him a treatment plan and a quote.

Russell needed 21 fillings, four root canal treatments and 18 crowns to repair the damage. “It was intensive. I spent a whole day in the dentist’s chair for the first visit; the next session was four hours. But I have no regrets, in the UK the treatment would have cost around £28, 000.00 but in Hungary I paid £8, 500.00.”

Russell was told that the damage to his teeth was typical of some kind of acid attack. It’s hard to tell what safety testing might have been done on a home whitening treatment and you’re risking the health of your teeth and gums by choosing the DIY route.

Dr Attilla Kaman of Smile Savers Hungary agrees: “it’s just not worth the risk, bleaching agents and acid are dangerous in the wrong hands and you just don’t know what you’re buying.”

Luckily Russell and Smile Savers Hungary were able to remedy the damage, but dentists agree that teeth whitening kits should only be purchased from a dentist.

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Disillusioned with the NHS but David found the answer in Hungary

September 7, 2011

David Naughton David Naughton from London confesses that he grew up hating his teeth, they were gappy and crooked and as he got older he felt so down about their appearance that he failed to look after them properly. As problems with his teeth worsened, David felt let down by his NHS dentist, who he believes over looked problems and failed to do the treatment that was really needed.

Decay around the gum line of two front teeth was covered with filler that quickly fell off and soon David needed to have two back teeth removed.  He felt so disillusioned with his dentist that he did not make plans to have them replaced. Things deteriorated and as he grew more anxious about his crooked smile he realised that action was needed. David knew that he would not get the help he needed from his NHS dental practice and was put off private dentists by the price. He also felt that UK standards were just not up to scratch. He started to do more research online and discovered that many Brits felt the same way and that travelling overseas for treatment was a popular choice.

David soon had a quote from one company and was contemplating the best course of action when he read about another dental tourism company called Smile Savers Hungary. Impressed by what he read on their website he made an appointment for a consultation. At last, David had finally found a dentist who was honest with him about his teeth. After the consultation, Smile Savers gave him a smile design and recommended that he needed to address both the problems with decay as well as consider the overall appearance of his teeth. “They told me there was little point in spending money on my top teeth without doing work on the bottom.” Explained David. Smile Savers Hungary recommended a comprehensive course of treatment that tackled the dental problems David had along with the cosmetic issues. Because the quote was so reasonable he could afford to have it all done properly.

David had seven root canals, three composite fillings and six teeth were built up before 22 crowns were fitted. It was revealed that previous dental work had simply patched up problems, not solved them. The Smile Savers team explained to David that one of the most important elements of the treatment was to fit implants to replace the teeth he’d had removed several years ago. Without implants the jaw bone was starting to deteriorate which would have led to significant problems in years to come.

David chose to have all the treatment done over a ten day period, seeing his trip as a chance to explore a new city. He loved Budapest and found plenty to enjoy during the days off from the clinic and whilst the treatment has tough be felt well cared for. “Of course it was quite painful but the team were all excellent, you sense that everyone wants to work there, it’s quite different from my experiences in the UK. I really felt that I was in good hands.” Explained David.

David is now waiting to have the implants fitted and is looking forward to going back to Budapest. But he’s already enjoying his new smile. He explains: “It’s like a big weight off my shoulders and I feel like I am no longer being judged for having bad teeth. My confidence has soared!” David saved over £13,000 by going to Budapest but more importantly he saved his smile.

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Emma saved £16, 000 by flying to Budapest!

July 21, 2011

Emma’s problems started as a child when many of her adult teeth failed to grow. She was left with little baby teeth that were out of proportion with her adult face and were also crooked. As she grew up, Emma perfected her closed mouth, ‘Victoria Beckham’ style smile. Whilst she knew it made her look tense and unhappy, at least she wasn’t showing her crooked, baby teeth.

Whilst unusual, some people never grow adult teeth, this condition can cause a lot of distress. Emma’s confidence was seriously affected as she felt very conscious about her smile. She had always looked after her teeth and gone for regular check-ups, so it felt very unfair to have to hide her smile. By the time she hit her late 20’s she was determined to do something about it and spoke to her dentist about braces. “I was told they couldn’t straighten my teeth because they could not put braces onto my peg sized baby teeth.” Explained Emma.

Her next step was to talk to a private dentist about cosmetic treatment and she quickly arranged a consultation. Unfortunately it didn’t go as Emma had hoped: “I was shocked by the price, they quoted me £20,000.00 for the work that I needed. Even if I had that kind of money I’d never be happy spending that much on my appearance. It’s the sort of money you spend on the deposit for a house or even an expensive car!”

Luckily, as Emma was about to resign herself to a lifestyle of worrying about her teeth, she discovered that many Britons go overseas for affordable dental treatment. Her internet research led her to find Smile Savers Hungary and she quickly felt confident that their dentists could help her. A consultation followed and a full treatment plan revealed that she could afford a 10 unit bridge and six crowns that were needed to get her smiling again. This time, Emma was quoted
£4, 000.00: “It was still a lot of money to me, but it was an amount I could save up for and I started to get excited.”

Last July, Emma flew to Budapest where the Smile Savers Hungary clinic is located. She was collected from the airport and taken to the four star accommodation which the service had helped to organise. A driver took her to the clinic where she found the staff and dentists spoke excellent English. She had a 10 unit dental bridge fitted; these are false teeth which are permanently fixed to neighbouring teeth by fusing them with a crown. A crown is a porcelain cap that fits over an existing tooth to improve its appearance or protect it. For Emma this was the best combination of prosthetics and was possible because she had healthy teeth and gums. The treatment was successful and Emma’s smile showed rows of straight, white, adult sized teeth. For the first time since her childhood Emma’s confidence soared and she’s been smiling ever since!

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Up In Smoke!

June 28, 2011

“A healthy smile is a smoke free smile”

The health risks of smoking are well documented, from heart disease to lung cancer; it’s a habit that you definitely need to break. The effects of smoking on your oral health are just as devastating and go way beyond the obvious signs such as bad breath and stained teeth.

Smokers are more likely to develop gum disease, the number one cause of tooth loss in adults. This nasty habit triggers the production of more bacteria in plaque, which in turn produces acid, putting teeth and gums under attack. Without the proper care tartar build up is also increased and gum disease is more likely.

Smoking also causes poor circulation and limits the oxygen supply; this means the body’s own healing process is limited. The result is gum disease that progresses far more rapidly than in a non-smoker. Bleeding is usually a tell tale sign of gum disease and a good indicator of gum health, but in a smoker, this bleeding may be lessened simply because of the poor circulation a smoker is likely to have. Without the tell-tale signs, gum disease is easy to ignore, again meaning it can progress un- checked. Without treatment, tooth loss is inevitable.

The most natural looking and long-lasting form of tooth replacement is the dental implant. However, smokers will be advised to give up their habit before undergoing treatment or the body’s ability to heal will be limited. People with implants need to care for their new teeth in the usual way, regularly brushing and daily flossing are recommended. Most people find the cost of having dental implants in the UK is very high and going overseas to places like Budapest is a cheaper option. Those who have dental implants are usually highly motivated to give up smoking, citing it as the reason they are finally able to give up their habit.

Despite the health risk, many smokers are persuaded to give up because of cosmetic reasons. Smokers will find their teeth become very stained and there’s little point in paying for expensive whitening treatment whilst you are still lighting up. So called ‘smoker’s tooth pastes’ are limited in the effect they can have on stains, only clinic based whitening treatments will erase the signs of nicotine and in the UK professional whitening doesn’t come cheap.

Looks aside, smokers should also consider the most serious side effect – oral cancer. About 90 per cent of people who develop oral cancer smoke. Visiting your dentist regularly can help as they are trained to look carefully around your mouth for signs of oral cancer and if caught early this disease has a good prognosis. Your dentist will be just as keen for you to give up smoking as your doctor so if you’re worried about the effects of smoking on your oral health do have a chat at your next appointment. There’s no doubt about it, smoking is bad for your health… and bad for your smile but it’s never too late to give up. For more information about smoking cessation visit

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Guard against sporting injuries

April 28, 2011

There’s no question about it sport and exercise are an essential part of a healthy lifestyle.  But those who like contact sports or something that gets the adrenalin pumping more than a brisk walk need to consider their teeth just as much as their joints and muscles.

Sports like hockey, rugby and boxing often involve violent contact with the opposition, making teeth vulnerable and without the right protection losing a tooth is a very common injury. Karate, Judo, horse riding, football and kickboxing are all danger sports for teeth and it pays to invest in a mouth guard. Guards can help prevent tooth loss and will also help to protect your jaw. There are three types of mouth guard available – standard guards, mouth moulded guards and custom fit guards. The standard guards are available in most sport shops and come in various sizes but they might not fit perfectly which means they can slip out or rub the gums. Mouth moulded guards are also called ‘boil and bite’ guards as you warm them before placing in the mouth and they mould to your teeth. This choice is a step up from the standard guard but isn’t a perfect solution. The best protection you can give your teeth is a custom fit guard which will be fitted by a dentist, this will ensure it’s both comfortable and secure in your mouth.

If you’re not sure about investing in a mouth guard, remember that 80% of tooth injuries sustained during sport affect the front teeth. If you lose a front tooth it will need to be replaced as soon as possible. If the worst happens, a lost tooth can be replaced with a dental implant. Dental implants are a high tech solution and one that will look and feel just like your own teeth. The only drawback is cost. In the UK a single dental implant will cost around £2, 000.00 but you can reduce this cost by travelling overseas for treatment. Reduced costs and the best equipment make the journey worthwhile. You’re likely to save between 30-40% even including flights and hotel costs. Smile Savers Hungary takes patients to Budapest where their clinic is a leader in implant surgery. The best dental implants are considered to be Branemark but you can talk to the team about lower cost options. Remember, a good dental implant should last a lifetime if you look after it properly so it’s a worthwhile investment.

Apart from losing a tooth, exercise fans should also think carefully about energy drinks which are high in sugar and are just as bad for teeth as fizzy drinks like lemonade or cola. Anyone who trains hard and uses sports drinks to rehydrate after exercise might not realise they are neglecting their teeth as sports drinks are perceived to be healthy. But dentists warn that sipping these kinds of drinks over a long period of time should be avoided. Don’t get caught out, remember to take care of your teeth, in the same way as you’re looking after your body by doing regular exercise.

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